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Let me introduce you to Gabrielle Echols, a rising star in the entertainment business who personifies the essence of America. Her breathtaking performance as Bridget in the 2023 hit “Evil Dead Rise” marked the beginning of her quick ascent to fame. For the role, she won several awards, which further cemented her status in Hollywood.

Gabrielle’s rise to prominence in the field took time. .. After starring in “Reminiscence” in 2021, she blazed a path that saw her fame rise with each new release. However, it was “Evil Dead Rise,” penned by the extraordinarily talented Lee Cronin, that truly shot her to fame.

Apart from her captivating presence on cinema, Gabrielle possesses a touching affinity for animals, particularly her cherished dog, Baby Badgers. Her loyalty to her animal companion highlights her caring side and gives her a more nuanced personality. Even while Gabrielle would rather keep some details of her life hidden, such her age and origin, her dedication to her profession and hobbies are evident. Her focus is on showcasing her skill and commitment, demonstrating her abilities as an actress and her true wonderful nature.Gabrielle Echols age

On March 17, 2005, US-born actress Gabrielle Echols, who is brilliant, turns 19 years old. She exemplifies the generosity and inventiveness associated with the Pisces sign. 

Raised in the United States, Gabrielle embraces her white heritage and takes pride in it.

Gabrielle Echols values her family above anything else. Her younger brother, Jacob, and her parents, Maki and Timothy Echols, make up this close-knit group of people who are always there to support and adore her. With his amazing voice, Jacob brings a musical touch to their family get-togethers that never fails to make everyone smile. It’s clear from the touching postings her mother makes about him that Gabrielle has a particular place in her heart for her veteran father. They have such a close family tie, which shows in everything they do—from supporting one another during difficult times to enjoying each other’s victories. Gabrielle’s family is at her side, supporting her every step of the way as she makes waves in the acting industry. Their steadfast support is like a rock, providing her the courage and self-assurance to pursue her goals. It’s evident that Gabrielle considers her family to be more than merely significant.

Personal Information About Gabrielle Echols


Full/Real nameGabrielle Echols
Birth date17 March 2005
BirthplaceUnited States of America
Current residenceLos Angeles, California, United States of America
Age (As of 2024)19 years old
Zodiac SignPisces
EthnicityWhite – Caucasian
Sexual OrientationStraight
FatherTimothy Echols
MotherMaki Echols
SiblingsOne brother, Jacob
Marital statusSingle
Famous ForHer role as Bridgett in the film Evil Dead Rise (2023) and as Titch in Reminiscence (2021)
ProfessionActress, model, social media influencer
Social MediaInstagram: @gabrielle_echols
Tiktok: @greensthename_

Is Gabrielle Echols Gay

In terms of her private life, Gabrielle Echols is rather secretive, particularly when it comes to her sexual orientation. Even at the age of 18, she appears to be more concerned with her acting career and academic success than anything else. No rumors or indications have surfaced regarding her having a romantic relationship with any person, male or female.

Still, you have to give it to her. In this day and age, maintaining privacy requires a strong sense of commitment, particularly when one is well-known. Moreover, it’s only right to provide her the freedom to discuss whatever that makes her feel comfortable, particularly when it comes to something as private as her sexual orientation.

Although we’re all eager to learn more about Gabrielle as fans, we must respect her decision to provide personal information where and when it’s convenient for her. For the time being, let’s simply continue to support her professionally and keep an eye out for any fascinating initiatives she may have coming up. Who knows? We’ll be here and willing to listen if she ever feels ready to share more with us.

Gabrielle Echols Height, Weight, And Other Features

Gabrielle Echols exudes appeal with her beautiful dark brown eyes and lovely head of hair that matches. She has a little yet attractive build, standing 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighing around 110 pounds. Her 30-24-32-inch body proportions give her the iconic hourglass form that makes her stand out. She completes her stylish appearance by donning a size 6 shoe as she walks outside.

But it’s not all about the stats. Whether Gabrielle is slaying on film or dazzling social media, her physical attributes all work together to improve her entire image. They enhance her already fascinating presence in everything she does, like the last touches.

Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorDark Brown
Height5’4″ (163 cm)
Weight50 kg (110 lbs)
Body Measurements30-24-32 inches (76-61-81 cm)
Shoe Size6 (US)

Gabrielle Echols Nationality and Ethnicity

The narrative of Gabrielle Echols starts in her birthplace of bustling Los Angeles, California. She was born an American citizen and has a strong sense of national identification. Gabrielle’s childhood home was her universe, and there’s not much evidence to suggest she’s traveled far from it, continuing to enjoy her parents’ love and support.

Gabrielle is proving to have ability and promise beyond her years, and she is already making waves in the entertainment business despite her early age. Even while her heritage may not be well known, we do know that she considers herself to be White. Her cosmopolitan background in California undoubtedly influenced her worldview and fueled her desire to become an actress.

Gabrielle’s story exemplifies the American ideal, which holds that success can be attained through perseverance and hard effort. Her narrative offers hope to budding artists worldwide, demonstrating that everything is possible with enough persistence. Gabrielle’s ability to stay rooted in her American roots amidst the whirlwind of fame and money is a tribute to her perseverance and strength of character.

Gabrielle Echols Siblings

Gabrielle Echols keeps her family life pretty close to the chest, leaving fans guessing about her siblings. While some reports hint at just one brother, others suggest she might have more siblings, though the specifics remain fuzzy. Even with her active presence on Instagram, where she shares snippets of her world, Gabrielle stays tight-lipped about her family.

You may discover a ton of postings about her career, friends, and of course her cute puppy if you browse through her Instagram profile. However, it appears as though she has created a curtain of secrecy over her family. She has chosen to keep them out of the spotlight since she clearly cherishes their privacy. It’s only fitting for us as fans to be interested in every facet of her life, including her siblings. However, everyone has the right to some privacy, particularly with regard to family. We’ll simply have to be happy with the peeks Gabrielle decides to provide for the time being and respect her personal space. Who knows, maybe she’ll decide to open up a bit more to us later on.

Gabrielle Echols Career

Gabrielle Echols first gained notoriety in 2021 when she played Titch in the suspenseful science fiction thriller “Reminiscence.” However, her breakthrough performance as a celebrity came in the terrifying horror film “Evil Dead Rise” in the part of Bridget. The movie explored the spooky story of two sisters against demonic powers, and Gabrielle’s portrayal of Bridget, who passionately defends her sister among the pandemonium of possessed individuals, demonstrated her skill.

Gabrielle’s role in “Evil Dead Rise” not only won her numerous accolades but also increased her profile on social media and in the movie business. Having amassed over 45,000 Instagram followers, her admirers regularly inquire for professional updates and a glimpse into her private life. With inventive flicks and lip-syncing, she displays her talent for over twenty-one thousand admirers on TikTok. A picture posted by Gabrielle’s mother suggests that she has a background in dance, which adds even more depth to her already outstanding repertoire. Her role as a rising star in the entertainment industry is further cemented by her varied skill, which has people curious about where her career may lead her next.

What has Gabrielle Echols been in?

With her remarkable performances, Gabrielle Echols has been creating waves in the entertainment industry and leaving a lasting impact. She dazzled viewers in 2023’s “Evil Dead Rise,” with her acting prowess and adaptability on television. Her brilliance was immediately recognized by critics and spectators, catapulting her into the public eye.

However, Gabrielle was already establishing herself in the business before to her breakthrough performance.Her continuing significance in the film business was demonstrated in 2021 when she made her cinematic debut in “Reminiscence”. Gabrielle’s love of storytelling extends beyond the big screen as seen by her participation in “The South Jersey Horror Podcast” in 2020. She was able to explore the realm of horror on this platform and offer her own perspectives, displaying her passion for the genre in all its terrifying splendor. Gabrielle never fails to wow audiences with her talent and commitment to her art with every job she embarks on. She makes a lasting impression on both industry insiders and fans, whether she’s behind the mic or on film.

Gabrielle Echols Relationship Status

Gabrielle Echols prefers to keep information about her love relationships out of the public eye and keeps her personal life private. She is currently flying alone and concentrating entirely on her acting career and studies. This thoughtful decision highlights her independence and self-improvement as she works toward her objectives. Gabrielle maintains her groundedness and prioritizes her academic and professional goals despite her rising stardom. She keeps control over her own story and can ride the highs and lows of celebrity on her own terms by keeping some anonymity surrounding her personal life.

Fans will appreciate Gabrielle’s continuous dedication to her profession and her unyielding will to pursue her aspirations as she advances in the entertainment world.


Birthdate and Age: Gabrielle Echols was born on March 17, 2005, making her 19 years old as of 2024.

Birthplace and Nationality: She was born in the United States of America and holds American citizenship by birthright.

Career Highlights: Gabrielle gained recognition for her role as Bridget in the 2023 film “Evil Dead Rise” and her debut role as Titch in “Reminiscence” in 2021.

Family Background: She has a younger brother named Jacob and her parents are Timothy and Maki Echols.

Professional Endeavors: Apart from acting, Gabrielle has also been involved in “The South Jersey Horror Podcast” in 2020, showcasing her passion for storytelling in various mediums.

Social Media Presence: She has a significant following on Instagram (@gabrielle_echols) with over 45,000 followers and on TikTok (@greensthename_) with over 21,000 followers.

Physical Attributes: Gabrielle has dark brown eyes and hair, stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches, and weighs approximately 110 pounds. Her body measurements are 30-24-32 inches and she wears a US shoe size 6.


Gabrielle Echols, born in 2005, is a talented American actress known for her roles in “Evil Dead Rise” and “Reminiscence.” She values her privacy regarding personal matters but remains active on social media, engaging with her fans and sharing insights into her professional endeavors. With a passion for storytelling and a dedication to her craft, Gabrielle continues to make strides in the entertainment industry while maintaining a grounded approach to fame.


1. What is Gabrielle Echols’ age?

Gabrielle Echols was born on March 17, 2005, making her 19 years old as of 2024.

2. What are Gabrielle Echols’ notable roles?

Gabrielle gained recognition for her portrayal of Bridget in “Evil Dead Rise” (2023) and Titch in “Reminiscence” (2021).

3. Does Gabrielle Echols have siblings?

Yes, Gabrielle has one younger brother named Jacob.

4. What are Gabrielle Echols’ physical attributes?

Gabrielle has dark brown eyes and hair, stands at 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighs approximately 110 pounds, and has body measurements of 30-24-32 inches. She wears a US shoe size 6.

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